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Attend College

The Electronic Campus is a great resource for adult and e-learners. Please select one of the following topics for more information:

General Information about Adult and E-learning Online Courses and Programs for Adult and E-learners Specialized Academic Services for Adult and E-learners Other Assistance for Adult and E-learners
  • GED Information — Your guide to information for completing your high school equivalency
  • Military Students — Information for current and retired members of the military, National Guard and Reserves
  • Advanced Placement Information — Information for high school students and their parents for earning college credit while completing high school
  • Online Applications — Your entreι to online admissions and financial aid applications through the Electronic Campus
  • Testing Services — Information about standardized tests, test preparation, and strategies for testing success at any age
  • Financial Assistance — Your guide to adult and e-learner financial assistance, programs and strategies for reducing financial barriers to learning
  • "Older" Student Information — Helpful information about services and benefits for students 55 and older

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