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The application deadline for freshmen is absolutely AUGUST 1. Applications received after that date will be considered on a space available basis. For priority consideration for fall admission, transfers should apply by JULY 1. The final deadline for transfer applications and all credentials is AUGUST 1. International applicants must submit all documents by MAY 1. For priority consideration for spring admission, candidates should apply by NOVEMBER 1. The final deadline is DECEMBER 1. 2006 Freshman Applicants and beyond, should submit test score results from the new SAT1/ACT which includes the writing section. International spring applicants must submit all materials before OCTOBER 1. Please feel free to contact us personally with any questions at 1-877-667-7533 Toll-Free or locally in Durham at 919-530-6298.

IMPORTANT:  A $30.00 fee is required to process your application. Social Security number is not required but is necessary if you intend on applying for financial assistance. . If you are seeking Licensure only and have a 4 year degree, DO NOT SUBMIT application here. Contact the School of Education at (919) 530-7296 or You may also go to

Last updated: 2/7/2007 1:48:00 PM PST

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Below are instructions and information related to filing an application for undergraduate admission to North Carolina Central University. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Readmits (students who have attended NCCU and have not received their degree) do not need to pay the $30 fee.
  • Students who want to get a second undergraduate degree and special students (unclassified) need to pay the $30 fee.

All Students

After reading the instructions, please fill out the online application as thoroughly as possible. Your failure to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information on this application will be grounds to deny or withdraw your admission, or dismiss you after enrollment. When you are finished, click the 'SUBMIT' button on the left column of any application screen. Print the application agreement statement that appears after you submit the application. Return it with the nonrefundable $30 ($15 for summer school applicants) application fee to the address below. Your Social Security number is requested for student identification purposes only, but you are not required to furnish it. If you do not submit a Social Security number, a student identification number will be assigned to you. You cannot receive federal financial aid without a valid Social Security number.

If your citizenship is other than U.S. and you have Permanent Resident status, enclose a photocopy of both sides of your I-551 (green card).

Students Entering from High School

Ask your school counselor to send an official transcript, including senior year courses in which you are currently enrolled, to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. SAT I/ACT scores should also be sent to this office. If you attend summer school at a college or university after graduation, request that an official transcript be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the close of summer school.

International Students

Freshman students: You must present a Financial Certificate completed by your sponsor or a copy of your I-1551 ("Green Card"). Transfer students: You must present a Visa Clearance Form completed by the International Student Advisor at your current school and a photocopy of your I-20, I-94, and Visa page of your passport. Transfer students must also present a Financial Certificate completed by your sponsor.

Transfer Students

Request that official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Applicants interested in the School of Business, School of Education, and the Department of Nursing must request that two official copies of each transcript be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Upon receipt of this application, a confidential statement will be mailed to you which must be filled in and completed by the last institution to which you were formally admitted and attended. Have official transcripts of work completed at all institutions previously attended sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. An official high school transcript or GED must also be submitted if your high school graduation year is 1988 to present unless you have earned a college transfer associate degree or completed a baccalaureate degree. All veterans must submit an official high school transcript or GED to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Summer School Applicants

NCCU Summer School : The NCCU Summer School is open to all students who are enrolled in degree or non-degree programs, to high school graduates and graduates enrolled at other institutions, and to individuals interested in courses for personal enrichment or professional advancement. Students will be admitted to the Summer Sessions until 7:00PM on the first day of registration. Students seeking a degree or readmission must go to the Office of Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions offices. Visiting students must complete the online applications and download Part III.

Application Dates

All undergraduate students applying for admission or readmission to North Carolina Central University must complete their application form by July 1 for the fall semester admission and November 1 for the spring semester admission. Degree-seeking students who wish to be admitted to the university during a summer session must file a completed application with the appropriate admissions office prior to each summer session registration date. Applications for attending summer sessions are necessary from non-NCCU and special students only. These applications must be received in the Office of the University College prior to each summer session registration date. The university reserves the right to adjust deadline dates according to enrollment constraints.

Notification of Acceptance

Applicants are notified of action taken on their application as soon as possible. No decisions can be made until all of the required information has been received by the appropriate admissions office.

High School Transcripts

Some North Carolina public high schools have the capability to electronically send official high school transcripts when you apply online. We encourage you to visit your school counselor to verify coursework and grades prior to requesting an electronic transcript.

To send an electronic transcript, you must:

  • Complete this online application.
  • Make sure you have entered the following information in your profile and/or application:
    • First and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security number (voluntary)
    • Gender
    • Current high school
    • E-mail address
  • Be currently enrolled at a participating public high school in North Carolina (one that has converted from the SIMS system to NCWISE to manage student data). If you are not sure about your school, check with your school counselor or office staff.
If these conditions were met when you submitted your application, you will then be presented with the option of sending your high school transcript electronically to that school.

North Carolina Central University
PO Box 19717
617 Lawson Street
Durham, NC  27707-9943
In-state telephone: (877) 667-7533
Out-of-state telephone: (877) 667-7533
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